Exterior & Interior Railings


Masters is equipped with in-house designers and skilled craftsmen who have undergone specialized training in our custom programs and systems to operate our top-of-the-line modified and engineered European machinery specific to our needs.  Our craftsmen are encouraged to contribute to the development of our company where they are recognized and commended for their advancements in the contribution of faster and more flexible production methods.  Masters promises quick turn-around and limitless solutions for any application.


The future of our company will promise new developments in railings and stair styles, supplying to interior designers and continuing to modify and customize our machinery to adapt to the market, while keeping up with the high demand in mass production of wood components.


Master Woodworking is a division dedicated to quality Canadian made products striving for technical and creative excellence in a 21st Century manufacturing industry.  We would like to take the opportunity to work with you on any project where you would require custom and/or mass production of mill work.



Master Woodworking manufactures the wood components used by Airport Railings and Airport Stairs divisions to produce railings and stairs installed into subdivisions, commercial and industrial applications.  Master Woodworking is also equipped to supply other trades for mass production of miscellaneous components and custom projects.  Airport Railings also offers an innovative advantage equipped to design, manufacture and install limitless unique architectural and specialized artisan projects.

Airport Railings


Interior and exterior railings, which includes: design, manufacturing and installation of:  wood, metal, aluminum, wrought iron, glass, stainless steel and other exotic materials for railings in: custom, low and high-rise residential homes.

Master Woodworking


Specializes in the design and manufacturing of wood components for all of our divisions, while supplying wood components to various companies, including furniture applications.

Airport Stairs


Specializes in interior wood stairs, which includes the processes of: design, manufacturing and installation for both residential and commercial applications.


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